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Welcome to Secret Identity Records!


This is a small label based in southwest germany. I started this purely outta love for vinyl records, punk rock and D.I.Y. culture.

I'm closely connected to Red Lounge Records and the two of us are part of SchwarzfahrN Booking where we set up shows in Karlsruhe, Germany.

If ya wanna order stuff, please write me an email: and I'll get back asap.

Or try my discogs: but hey, I don't update there regularly so you might better do it via email...please keep in mind - this is a one-man-label!

Hey, P.Trash is doing distro for us! If you're too shy to contact me, head over to Peter and say hi!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Co-Release with Red Lounge Records!

Ever since we saw Buck at the Bucchaneer at the Gonerfest 9 aftershow party we've been HUGE fans! Being able to do the first full length was an insane experience - and the whole reason this label even exists! Now, this is a brand new 7" featuring two songs: 'Obama is a cyborg' on side a sounds like a typical Buck Biloxo song and could easily have been on that now legendary LP. B-side track 'Digging through Trash' has an all new more distorted kinda sound, recorded by Jacob Gardner - great!



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Again, co-release with Red Lounge Records!

Brand new 7" for their euro tour in fall 2016 that ended with Get Lost Fest 4 just now! And boy did they leave a trail of blood, sweat and hurt feelings! DD Owen delivered GIMME HEAD TILL YOU'RE DEAD and if you ask me this his best work, only topped by that recently released TOTAL PUNK 7" - AWESOME! DIE RÖTZZ don't take no prisoners with KNIFE FIGHT and being able to sing N-I-F-E-F-I-T-E along with them last week for me was the highlight of the whole fest! This record is actually out since their tour started but we decided we won't officially sell it before the tour is done. So here you go!







S.I.R. #10 is  a 7" from Philly's own TRASH KNIFE! A band that plays punk rock somewhere between BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS, THE GERMS, THE TOYOTAS or MARGARET THRASHER! It's Steve Firth from SPENT FLESH (the band from Eric from FDH RECORDS),  Sean from WOMEN (Philly punk with a 7" on FDH), Mat (SPENT FLESH's tour roadie) and Lauren and Laura also from Philly. This will be a co-release with P:TRASH and DIG THE FUZZ RECORDS, tape will be out on Endless Daze. SPENT FLESH will tour europe in fall 2016! The S.I.R. version will feature different art then the version from P.Trash and Dig the Fuzz, done by local hero Exx Valdez! Get it also from P.Trash or see them on tour in august/september 2016!







This is a dream come true for me! After listening and loving his music for years (he was in Über-Bands like Royal Pendletons, Dutch Masters, Jenny Jeans, Lover! or the Black and Whites to name a few) here is his new solo record! A-side has previously only digitally or on dc-r available ep COMMUNITY, b-side is all new RECESSION ERA. Not exactly punk rock but more singer/songwriter Talbot yet again proves what an incredible song writer he is! If you liked the LP on Spacecase or the stuff from his singles like  'NOT EVEN EUROPE' or 'TO JESSE AND JACK' you'll LOVE this one! US customers: Talbot will get some, and Goner has ordered as well! Europe: P.Trash, Bachelor and Flight13 have it!


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 S.I.R. #6 is delayed and will feature german versions of their classic hits IN A MILLION YEARS and SHUT THE FUCK UP! Out probably some time in 2016. Both co-releases with RED LOUNGE RECORDS.



Because of S.I.R. #11 we also delayed S.I.R. #8 - Drew Owen's hardcore project GUTTER YOUTH delivered a killer 12" some where between FLIPPER and MINOR THREAT. NYHC purists will probably hate it but isn't that what Drew is all about? Hahaha


Add us on facebook to keep up!





S.I.R. #5 ### STILL HOT!! ### JACK O AND THE SHEIKS -LIVE IN MEMPHIS 12"/ co-released with Red Lounge Records!


Recorded  at Burgundy Ballroom this is Jack Oblivians first live 12" - we're still in some state of shock that we got to release this KILLER album! Originally intended for his euro tour fall 2014 the czech pressing plant from GZ media fucked up everything possible (due to record store day madness they claim) and a FIVE MONTH turnover led to a release date just before christmas 2014. Unfortunately we originally also agreed to do a new studio record (Jack O and the Memphis Marauders - Lone Ranger of Love /S.I.R. #4) which was cancelled because of these 'issues' and is now released thru Jack's own label Mony Records! Anyway, this is record features 13 amazing live versions of  songs from most of Jack's esential releases (including some cover versions).

Track List:

A1 - American Slang

A2 - Black Boots

A3 - Happy Blues

A4 - Down Town

A5 - 'Til the money runs out

A6 - Night Owl

A7 - Flash Cube


B1 - Chills and Fever

B2 - Little War Child

B3 - Old Folks Boogie

B4 - Mass Confusion

B5 - Honey, I'm too old for you

B6 - Strong come on


His backing band on here is Memphis' own THE SHEIKS (plus Adam Woodard on keys)- if you caught them on tour, you already  know that these guys are an INCREDIBLE live band! And you just know that Jack ALWAYS delivers KILLER live shows so be prepared for 35 minutes of pure Rock'n'Roll! And hey, if that record would actually have come out for the tour it would've been sold out FOR A LONG TIME so here's your lucky chance! Get it from me or Red Lounge! Goner has some too! Other Distros that have it: Bachelor! P.Trash! Ghost Highway! Labels & Distros - wanna trade? Hit me up!




S.I.R. # 3   EX-LEGIONNAIRES - Don't care for crying 7"


This is the new band of David Alx Anguiano (MAASTER GAIDEN, OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB, THE DISTRESSERS) from Austin,TX including band members Sonic B Morris, Jason Gooder and Burt Morton. What a killer soul-rock outfit! Imagine a badass version of King Khan! After having played HEX DISPENSERS/MISFITS-like punk in his first bands and expanding in a more WIPERS-like vibe in his latest, D.A. now finds his true voice! Each of these four tracks are OUTSTANDING! Check'em out here:



S.I.R. #2 STRANGE ATTRACTOR - BARELY DOING CRIME /Co-released with Mammoth Cave Recording co is still available! Jeff from the glorious STATUES returns with his 70s influenced KDB punk band! After numerous releases on labels like Red Lounge, FDH, P.Trash and Mammoth Cave this ep is now available on S.I.R. and Mammoth Cave. Both labels sell versions with different art! Get'em both here or thru our buddies at P.Trash, Red Lounge or Bachelor!



Repress out! Get this instant classic from me or RED LOUNGE or from Rob (!







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